Four Seasons Magazine
Four Seasons Magazine

The Exclusive in-room Magazine for the Guests of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

세계적 호텔 체인 Four Seasons 호텔에서 발행하는 Four Seasons Magazine 은 Four Seasons 와 차별화된 고급 여행자의 가치와 비전을 실현합니다.  전문 작가, 예술가 및 전문가들의 견해를 다양한 삶의 방식과 세계의 여러 부분에서 공유합니다.  컨텐츠는 세계와 문화, 음식, 자연, 혁신, 스타일 및 레저에 대한 많은 반복을 경험하는 경이를 공유할 독자들을 환영합니다.  Four Seasons Magazine 은 세속적이고 따뜻하고 재미있고 활기차며 세련된 동반자입니다.

Four Seasons Magazine brings to life the values and vision of Four Seasons and the discriminating luxury traveler.  It shares the perspectives of professional storytellers, artists and experts from many different walks of life and parts of the world.  Stories welcome readers to share the wonder of experiencing the world and its many iterations of culture, cuisine, nature, innovation, style and leisure.  The magazine is a worldly, warm, entertaining, energetic and sophisticated companion.

Essentials: The best of the season, for your pleasure

Readers will enjoy a medley of luxury lifestyle product pages, tips, trends, insights and interviews.  The mix of high-end tech and sports products with luxury accessories and jewelry creates a broad editorial landscape.

Opinions: Perspectives from thought leaders and tastemakers

Concise point-of-view pieces serve as a pillar of intelligence in the magazine and provide balance editorially in the front of the book.  These pieces, written by top-notch writers, thinkers leaders of industry and personalities of the moment, entertain and provide food for thought.


A. Fashion

The fashion in Four Seasons Magazine is compelling and rich, classic and sophisticated.  Shoots portray high fashion in a warm and intriguing way.

B. Features

Four Seasons Magazine surprises the reader with travel and cultural features that pose-and answer-intelligent questions.  Multiple entry points and layers of information ensure an accessible approach.

The World of Four Seasons:

Educates, entertains and offers travel inspiration to readers through the lens of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.  Destinations are brought to life with first-person reports from previous guests and recommendations from experts at Four Seasons properties around the globe.

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