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Boardroom 은 협회관리 및 이벤트 전문 특화매체입니다.  Boardroom 은 유럽 및 국제 협회에 관심 있는 다양한 문제를 다루고 있으며, 전문적으로 자신과 자신의 조직을 개선하고자 하는 협회 임원, 비서, 기획자 등을 대상으로 합니다.  또한, 이 협회가 최상의 조건에서 행사를 조직하도록 도울 수 있는 목적지, 장소, 공급 업체 등에 목소리를 전달합니다.  Boardroom 의 디자인은 독자가 다양한 협회 관리에 정통한 기사를 쉽게 접할 수 있는 플랫폼을 구성하는 것입니다.

Launched in 2017, Boardroom is a niche magazine specialised in association management and events.  It covers a wide spectrum of issues of interest to European and international associations and is specifically targeting association executives, secretaries, planners, etc., who are looking to improve themselves and their organisations professionally.  It also gives voice to destinations, venues, suppliers, etc. who can help these associations organise their events in the best conditions.  Boardroom's design is to ensure an easy platform for readers to engage in a wide variety of association management savvy articles.

According to their bylaws, associations have to organise congresses, yearly, bi-annually, or every three years outside of their headquarters.  This obligation makes the so-called meetings industry a very stable one.  The founders of Boardroom have been active in this industry for decades, have extensive knowledge of the trade press, and can help suppliers market themselves to the associations.  With their vast network achieved through years of experience, they act as a perfect medium to reach out to the international association community and decision-makers.

A pan-European magazine, Boardroom is headquartered in Brussels, as to keep close contact with its targeted audience and to be able to follow the evolution and trends among them.  Brussels is the biggest hub of associations, with more than 1,800 headquarters of European and international associations, making it the second hub in the world after Washington and the first in Europe.  The pined version is distributed all over Europe, the rest of the world is reached digitally.  In addition to the 'regular' magazine, special destination supplements are also to be published, shrewdly combining business events with lifestyle.

Boardroom is published five times a year, with a print and digital circulation.

Boardroom is the proud partner of PCMA (the Professional Convention Management Association), IAPCO (the International Association of Professional Congress Organisers), AIPC (the International Association of Convention Centres) and member of ICCA (the International Congress and Convention Association).

Additional distribution

* Feb issue at European Association Summit, ASSOCIATIONWORLD & ESAE workshops

* Apr issue at IMEX Frankfurt, The Meeting Show, ASAE Annual Meetings, ASSOCIATIONWORLD & ESAE workshops

* Sep issue at IMEX America, IBTM world, BestCities Global Forum, ASSOCIATIONWORLD & ESAE workshops

* Nov issue at IBTM World, BestCities Global Forum, ASSOCIATIONWORLD & ESAE workshops, AIME

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