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2001년에 출간된 럭셔리 여행 잡지인 Elite Traveler 는 주로 개인용 비행기나 요트를 소유하고 있는 부자들을 위한 잡지입니다.  여행을 중심 테마로 패션, 보석, 시계, 자동차, 제트기, 요트 및 부동산을 다루고 있으며, 개인용 비행기와 국제 1등석 라운지에만 배포됩니다.

Since its launch in 2001, Elite Traveler has been a market-leading guide and curator to the global luxury lifestyle of Ultra-High-Net-Worth-Individuals.  The experienced team of editors in both New York and London bring indispensable insights readers cannot find anywhere else, from the names of the best therapists at top spas and direct phone numbers for resort general managers, to the secret hotel amenities that are not publicly available.  In features, Elite Traveler offers analysis and advice on the issues that specifically matter to those living the private jet lifestyle.

As the only audited publication with worldwide distribution aboard private jets, first-class lounges and in FBOs across over 100 countries, Elite Traveler provides advertisers unique access to the wealthiest consumers with six bi-monthly issues a year, complemented by special annual supplements on key focus areas.

Elite Traveler is ideally situated within the Luxury Media Portfolio of Progressive Media International which comprises the industry leading and multi-award winning titles World of Fine Wine and Spears', and is complemented by the UHNW global data and intelligence of Wealth Insight.

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Alongside the print media portfolio and data intelligence arm of the business is EliteTraveler.com, the global leader in luxury lifestyle and travel websites that attracts +89,146 unique visitors a month.  Not only used as an invaluable source of insight, articles and opinion, EliteTraveler.com is increasingly being used by visitors as a gateway to direct purchasing of luxury goods and experiences.

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