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The International Medical Travel Journal was created in 2007 in response to the worldwide development of the medical tourism and medical travel sector.  In the seven years since IMTJ was launched, we have seen the development of a medical travel sector which has attracted the attention of over 100 countries around the world.  But the industry has a long way to go to reach maturity.  It's not easy for those involved to make decisions based on trustworthy data and information and to keep up to date with a changing marketplace.

IMTJ has established a reputation as a "voice of reason" and the place to go when you really need to understand the industry.  We have avoided the hype.  We've questioned the claims and practices of industry proponents.  We've given you facts.   We've given you analysis.  IMTJ will remain the independent and trustworthy voice of medical travel.

IMTJ comprises the website at and a two-weekly e-newsletter, distributed to around 18,000 senior people around the medical travel industry.

2015 saw the launch of a new, improved IMTJ site.  We talked to people about what they need to guide their activities in the medical travel sector.  We've extended our content, making it more accessible and easier to locate the information that's relevant to your healthcare business.

Our news service has been expanded.  We publish upwards of 60 news stories per month.

Articles focus on the key issues that face the industry.  Content is tagged by topic and sector to make is simple to find content that is relevant to you.

Our reports gather and analyse the data that's available in this industry.  We provide new in-depth country profiles that enable you to get "all you need to know: about a medical tourism destination or source country at a glance.

IMTJ provides the ultimate "Who's Who" of medical travel... our enhanced medical travel directory embraces over 5,000 hospitals, clinics and businesses worldwide that provide services to international patients.


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