Farmer Myanmar
Farmer Myanmar

Meet the Farmer, Reach the Majority

The Farmer Myanmar 는 미얀마 최초 농업뉴스매체로 농업, 가축, 수경 재배 등의 전문 분야에 대하여 매주 다루고 있으며, 농업 종사자, 농업 화학 기업, NGO 등의 구독 층을 확보하고 있습니다.

The Farmer Media is the first private and weekly news journal printed on every Monday with an area of specialization in agriculture, livestock and aquaculture. The first of its publication began on 2nd July 2012.

The Farmer Myanmar's mission is to contribute to the development of agriculture, livestock and aquaculture by providing all stakeholders with updated information on farming technique, prevailing market prices and its trend and every movement and changes in these sectors including best farming practices for every level of farmers. It also aims to raise the voices of all relevant people in these sectors to help make positive changes in the development of Myanmar agriculture and its people, the majority of whom are from the rural and working in agriculture and livestock businesses.

Today, The Farmer Myanmar Journal circulates more than 60,000 copies monthly throughout the country with normal distribution channel of wholesaler as well as other means of distribution withe leading Afro inputs suppliers, who purchase journals monthly and complement to their key farmers.

Reached directly to village-leaders and key-farmers, whose voices as opinion leader overlays journal's contents to other villagers, make Farmer Journal more reliance in our farming community of Myanmar and more effective and helping tools for advertisers.

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