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Since 1967, Vogue Living has been the consistent authority in the prestige interiors homemaker category. Vogue Living is a unique title that for more than 40 years has satisfied those who seek the finer things in life. It is Australia’s leading decorating and design magazine, dedicated to publishing the most beautiful, creative and individual interiors. Vogue Living claims an enviable position at the top end of the magazine market while maintaining an accessible and engaging approach for its readers.

With the international heritage and recognition of the Vogue masthead, and as the only Vogue Living magazine in the world, the brand is synonymous with sophistication, style and prestige.

In Vogue

The first section within the magazine, highlighting what you can expect to enjoy within the homewares market. In Vogue maintains its position to deliver the new, the inspiring, the collectable and desirable within the trends space.


The individuals behind design have a greater role in the new content with interviews in the new People section, and being a Vogue brand, the magazine has unrivalled access to the design world’s movers and shakers.


Pavement provides all the retail details with the reader needs, from new products, shop openings and pop-ups to the latest moves around the world.


Designed for curious readers who only want to experience the hottest new restaurants and bars, and be totally consumed by the inner circle of the culinary world.

Arts & Events

Taking you inside what’s new and exciting in the world of art, books and cultural happenings.


Travel includes directional features showcasing the hottest new travel resorts, design districts, striking hotels - and how to travel the Vogue Living way.

Interiors & Design

A window into the homes of the world’s most incredible space creators; and newsworthy reports on architecture, crafts, interiors and design. From designer hotel refurbishments to world-class architecture, this section fulfils the needs of all who are truly passionate about authentic art and design.

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  • 68.8% of readers are women

  • 49% are aged 25-49 years

  • Average age of 50.23 years

  • One-third - 33% are in the AB quintile

  • 51.8% more likely to have a degree

  • 66.4% of readers work full or part time

  • Average household income of AU$100,230

  • 105,000 are considered big spenders