Communications Africa
Communications Africa

The Premier ICT and Broadcast Magazine for Africa

Communications Africa 는 영어와 불어권 아프리카 40개국 이상에서 정보통신기술 업계를 커버하여 타의 추종을 불허합니다.

아프리카에서 50년 넘는 Alain Charles 출판사의 경험을 바탕으로, Communications Africa/Afrique 는 현재 거의 모든 아프리카 국가의 업계 전문가들이 읽는 유일한 정보통신기술 출판물입니다.

공식발행부수와 입증된 배포방식 덕분에 Communications Africa/Afriques 의 광고는 적합한 사람들에서 메세지를 전달할 수 있는 유일한 방법이며, 자격 있는 의사 결정권자에게만 발송됩니다.

정기적인 발행 외에도 AfricaCom World Series, Mobile World congress, IBC and Capacity Africa 의 주요 행사에 추가 배포됩니다.

Communications Africa 발행 부수는 검증이 되고 개인 구독자에게 보내지지만, 잡지 매 이슈는 3-6 명의 독자들에게 읽히고 있습니다. 또한, 18,000 개 이상의 전자뉴스레터로 발송되며, 이 주소의 대부분은 아프리카에 있지만 이는 아프리카에 있는 해외투자자에게도 노출이 되도록 합니다.

Communications Africa 는 모바일 및 유선통신 업계뿐만 아니라 아프리카에서 매우 중요한 성장 시장인 인터넷과 방송에도 적합한 유일한 잡지입니다.

Communications Africa has unrivalled reach with the African ICT industry covering more than 40 countries in both English speaking and Francophone Africa.

On the back of Alain Charles Publishing's experience of over 50 years in Africa, Communications Africa/Afrique is now the only ICT publication that is read by industry professionals in nearly all African countries.

Thanks to is audited circulation and tried and tested distribution methods, advertising in Communications Africa/Afrique is the only way to be confident of getting your message in front of the right people. It is only sent to qualified decision-makers!

In addition to the regular circulation, bonus copies are distributed at all key events, such as AfricaCom World Series, Mobile World congress, IBC and Capacity Africa.

Although the magazine's circulation is audited and sent to individual subscribers, each issue of the magazine achieves a pass on rate of between 3-6 readers per copy.

The magazine is also sent out electronically with our e-newsletter to 18,000+ email addresses. While most of these addresses are in Africa, this has allowed us to inform overseas investors in the continent who also read our pages.

It is the only magazine that caters not only for the mobile and fixed line telecom industry, but also internet and broadcast, which are both very key growth markets in Africa.

간 별


발행 부수


구 독 층

  • 34% Public authorities (PTTs) and private telcos, service providers, carriers, competitive access providers, regional operators.

  • 24% Business & industrial telecommunication managers, banking analysts and executives, internet service providers and datacommunication network providers

  • 21% Public and private broadcast authorities, radio/TV/cable networks, production facilities

  • 12% Equipment and service suppliers, distributors, consultants, OEMs

  • 7% Government, consortia, regulatory authorities, aid and development agencies, public safety officials, ITU, World Bank, ADB etc.

  • 2% Education/research organisations