Business Traveller Hungary
Business Traveller Hungary

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Business Traveller Hungary 는 2003년에 처음 출판되었습니다. 헝가리의 기업 여행자 및 여행 주최자를 위한 유일한 잡지로, 원래 영어 라이센스로 제작되었지만 현지 시장의 특성을 반영한 유일한 잡지입니다.

Business Traveller Hungary was first published in 2003. Since then it is the only magazine for corporate travellers and travel organizers in Hungary, made under original English license but reflecting the characteristics of the local market.

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독 자 층

  • Over 39% readers are business management

  • Over 35% of readers are senior manager position

  • "AB" status purchasing power

  • High disposable income (higher-than-average ownership of consumer durables)

  • Intermediate and higher educational qualifications combined with intellectual occupations, managerial positions or preparing the groundwork for key decisions

  • Typically interested in active leisure pursuits, and higher-than-average demand for cultural programmes