Business Traveller Germany

Business Traveller Germany

Das Geschäftsreisemagazin

Business Traveller Germany 는 20년 넘게 독일의 비즈니스 여행 잡지 부문에서 선도적인 역할을 수행해 왔습니다. Business Traveller Germany 는 여행자를 비즈니스 여행 서비스의 소비자로 직접 취급합니다. 모든 문제에서 Business Traveller Germany 는 비행 그룹, 호텔, 서비스, 지정 및 라이프 스타일 범위에서 정확하게 연구 대상 기사를 게시합니다.

Business Traveller Germany 는 비즈니스 여행의 모든 핫스팟에 있습니다. 항공기내, 대상 비즈니스 호텔 그룹의 객실, 공항 라운지, 렌트카 역에서 찾을 수 있으며 그리고 구독자에게만 제공됩니다. 격월로 6만5천부 배포되며, 독일에서 가장 많이 팔린 여행 잡지 중 하나입니다. 자주 여행하는 독점적인 대상 그룹으로 인해 Business Traveller Germany 는 작은 손실도 없이 귀사의 광고에 대한 우수한 가격 대비 성능을 제공합니다.

Business Traveller has had a leading role in the business travel magazine segment in Germany for over 20 years. Business Traveller Germany addresses the traveller directly as a consumer of business travelling services. In every issue, Business Traveller Germany publishes carefully researched articles in the categories flying, hotels, services, designations and lifestyle which are tailored exactly to the target group.

Business Traveller Germany is present in all hotspots of business travel. The magazine can be found on board of airlines, in the rooms of target business hotel groups, in airport lounges, at car rental stations and last but not least with subscribers. With 33,000 copies bimonthly, it is one of the most selling travel magazines in Germany. Due to the exclusive target group of the frequent travellers whom it reaches almost without scattering loss, the Business traveller Germany offers an excellent price/performance ratio for your advertising.


What's inside the magazine: the latest news, facts and figures, tips and features - the magazine leads the reader into the world of business travelling

Cover Story

Large scale, real depth: The cover stories of Business Traveller Germany are devoted to subjects that the target group is very much interested in, illuminating different facets of the topic which has the thematic priority in the issue.


On the railway, up in the air or on the street: The latest aircraft types, new high-speed trains and newcomers in the car industry - the column Mobile is featuring all means of travelling.


Exciting cities, exotic destinations: travel stories with passion, culture and local colour, highlighting clubs and restaurants, insider views and tips.

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  • 36% readers age is between 40 to 49 years

  • Over 13% readers income is more than €100,000

  • Over 44% readers are owner, CEO, senior management

  • Over 44% readers enterprise is 500 and more employers