Business Traveller China
Business Traveller China

The First Business Travel Publication Aimed Exclusively at the Frequent Traveller in Mainland China

Business Traveller China 는 중국을 자주 방문하는 여행객만을 대상으로 하며, 최고의 비즈니스 여행 자원으로 2017년에 15년을 맞이하였습니다. 전문 여행 기자의 헌신적인 팀이 독자적으로 작성하여 목적지, 최신 뉴스 소식, 여행 동향 및 견해에 대하여 고무적이고 유익하며 잘 연구된 기사를 독자에게 제공합니다.

Business Traveller China is aimed exclusively at frequent travellers in China, and celebrates 15 years in 2017 as a top business travel resource. It is written independently by a dedicated team of expert travel journalists, offering readers stimulating, informative and well-researched features on destinations, hot news topics, travel trends and views.

Special Reports

Business travel lends itself to special reports related to business travellers' needs and tips to make their travel easier and hassle-free.


BTC explores each designation with the business travellers' interest in mind as they are mostly well travelled and well educated.


BTC covers the latest in travelling and dining, gadgets, wine investment, auctions, precious watches and other luxury products.

In Every Issue

Letters to the editor; travel and hospitality news; tried and tested reviews of airlines, hotels, restaurants, spas and gadgets; lounges, event diary, competition and great hotel deals.

간 별


발행 부수


구 독 층

  • Earn over per annum US$120,000

  • 74% managing directors, partners, owners, senior management, business owners & professionals

  • 55% plan meetings or events for their comapny

  • 68 average hotel night stay per year

  • 77% manage their own travel budget

  • 27 annual number of flights

  • 23 average trips per year

  • Average number of 3.1 leisure trips

  • Average percentage of 90 leisure trips added onto a business trip

Business Traveller China