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Business Traveller Asia-Pacific 은 2020년 창간 38주년을 맞이 하였습니다. 1982년 처음 발행된 이래, 해외여행이 빈번한 여행자들에게 귀중한 자원이었습니다. Business Traveller Asia-Pacific 은 지역 전역의 독자를 대상으로 하며 여행자의 견해와 의견을 위한 플랫폼을 제공하고 세계에서 가장 역동적인 산업 중 하나의 성장을 기록하는 것은 물론 필수 불가결한 정보원으로 입증되었습니다.

Business Traveller Asia-Pacific celebrates its 38th anniversary in 2020. Since its first issue in 1982, it has been a valuable resource for frequent travellers. Business Traveller Asia-Pacific serves readers across the region and has proven to be an indispensable source of information as well as providing a platform for travellers' views and opinions and recording the growth of one of the world's most dynamic industries.


Provides the most important news updates from the travel world


The best of the letters from our bulging post bag, plus passionate debate from users of our online discussion forums

Tried and Tested

Our editorial team review airline, hotels, lounges and restaurants worldwide

Data Mine

Hotel packages around the world


Airline and hotel scheme news and offers


Regional profiles to help travellers have a bit of fun on a business trip


Looking back at the golden age of travel

Lifestyle News

Frequent business travellers are often the most frequent leisure travellers and luxury goods consumers. We examine everything from excursions and dining hotspots, to the latest gadgets, precious watches and other lifestyle essentials

Inside China

Explores lesser-known business and leisure destinations in China to help travellers get ready for the journey


Highlighting the coolest devices and reviewing the latest high-tech gadgetry

Four Hours in ...

Making the most of spare half-day in a city


Insider guides to global cuisines and dining in cities worldwide

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월간 (연 10회)

발행 부수


구 독 층

  • House average annual income of US$306,206

  • 66% managing directors, partner, owners, senior management, business owners & professionals

  • 68% plan meetings or events for their company

  • 72% manage their travel budget

  • 27.8 annual number of flights

  • 69% fly first / business class for long haul

  • Average number of 5 leisure trips

  • Average number of 3.3 leisure trips added to a business trip

Business Traveller Asia-Pacific has been tailored for and Asian audience and boasts extended interactive features, offering readers the ability to plan and book business journeys, check exchange rates, hire cars, read and print city guides and participate in competitions to win free hotel stays.

The Business Traveller Asia-Pacific online newsletter that is sent out to registered readers every Wednesday, offered on a free subscription basis, contains details of travel news, services, products and deals, reaching out extensively to subscribers and industry friends around the region and beyond.