Travel Daily USA is the newest addition to the Travel Daily Media Group, the industry's fastest growing worldwide online trade publication. Targeting the largest travel seller market in the world, Travel Daily USA is positioned to become the preferred digital trade partner to the more than 50,000 travel agents in the United States, as well as countless travel suppliers.

Worldwide Access

As part of the Travel Daily Media Group, Travel Daily USA uniquely provides its subscribers and advertisers access to a worldwide audience (nearly 150,000 worldwide subscribers), with the ease and efficiency of one publication that can strategically target and cross sell to one or more regions around the world.

Superior User Experience & Ad Platform

Through its partnership with Rich Media Exchange, Travel Daily USA delivers a superior user experience throughout the site, as well as a superior advertising platform. With our sophisticated visual and interactive capability the quality of your advertising message is optimized like never before.

Expand Your Reach

Through the Rich Media Marketplace, you can add your branded content to our library, where thousands of travel sellers around the world will have free access and use.

Using Big Data to Increase Your ROI

Our Big Data capability lets you analyze and manage large data sets to reveal patterns, trends and associations. More analysis. More information. More value for your advertising dollar.

Tools to Manage, Market & Measure Your Business

In addition to the travel content library, Rich Media Exchange provides our travel partners with multiple smart backend solutions enabling them to effectively track and measure customer preferences.

Industry Insights...Work "On" Your Business

With our featured section, Executive Village, you'll get an in depth view of industry trends, leadership, growth, technology, innovation and entrepreneurialism that can have a direct impact on your business and its bottom line.

Optimized for Multiple Platforms

The Travel Daily USA website at, is optimized for tablet and mobile users so information is easily accessible whenever and however you need it.